What do you know about the life after death?

What do you know about the life after death?

This is the topic for November 9.
Our English-speaking club welcomes you every Wednesday evening. Here we read, watch, discuss, sing and pray together in English.
Last time:
1) We’ve got acquainted with two new students – nice girls and English teachers. The list of questions «How to get to know the person better» helped us to discover lots of interesting facts about each other.
2) We listened to two presentations of our students: «The prayer to the saints» and «The mystery of the Holy Baptism».
Basic vocabulary: encourage, passage, cease, membership, presently, actually, experience Christ’s death and Resurrection, live a holy life, “outward sign”, mere, reject, maintain, contemporary, rob, provide, namely.
3) We thought over the text about the SAINTS, filling the gaps and putting verbs into the right form.
Basic vocabulary: Divine, Heavenly, humble, transfigured, profound, resurrected, vital, achieving, calling, disappointment, fasting, humility, repentance, serving, trust, tribulations, veneration, acquire, affirm, cooperate, endure, dedicate, fill, fulfill, occur, overcome, persevere.
Questions to check your understanding:
– What does the veneration of saints prove?
– What is the Christian vocation?
– Why is every Christian called to be a saint?
– How did the saints achieve the holiness?
– What are the gifts of the Holy Spirit?
– How did the saints endure trials and tribulations?
– What kind of relationship can we have with the saints?
4) We watched a short video about the veneration of the saints. It showed us the connection between a «great cloud of witnesses» from St Paul’s epistle to the Hebrews 12:1-2 and the image of the Church. You can find this video in the previous news.
Next time we are going to watch this video: «Relics in the Orthodox Church: Why do we have them?»

Date: Wednesday, November 9.
Topic: What do the Orthodox Christians know about the life after death?
Time: from 8.00 pm till 9.30 pm (20.00-21.30)
Place: missionary center «Atrium» on Romenskaya 12, at the parish house of the Church of Saint Peter, the Metropolitan of Moscow, underground station «Ligovsky prospect».
Contacts: 8950-000-27-46 (Tanya), https://vk.com/eng_fr_sp_orthodox_christian

So, join us and discover the Orthodox Christian faith improving our English!

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