The keys of the Kingdom: true faith in true God

Every Wednesday we meet at the missionary center “Atrium” to practice English and learn more about the Orthodoxy.
Last time, on November 16, we were talking about the icon veneration, its roots and foundation according to the Bible.
1) We filled the gaps in the text without any keywords table. We’ve managed to do this task by understanding of the main ideas of the text and the Orthodox teaching in general.
2) We completed the Bible verse (1John1:1-4), putting the lines into the right order, and explain its connection to the topic.
3) We watched a short video about the icons, mentioned in the previous news that gave us much food for thought.

What about the next meeting?
Date: Wednesday, November 23.
Topic: «The keys of the Kingdom: true faith in true God»
Time: from 8.00 pm till 9.30 pm (20.00-21.30)
Place: missionary center «Atrium» on Romenskaya 12, at the parish house of the Church of Saint Peter, the Metropolitan of Moscow, underground station «Ligovsky prospect».
Contacts: 8950-000-27-46 (Tanya),

Why do we venerate icons.doc

Video recommended: «Prayer Living with God in Christ»


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