Новости с занятий 5 апреля по Английскому языку в центре «Атриум» в Санкт-Петербурге.

Новости с занятий 5 апреля по Английскому языку в центре «Атриум» в Санкт-Петербурге.

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We talked about interesting events we’ve attended this week.

St Ambrose of Milan: «A Song of the Church»

Verbs: worship, praise, acknowledge, deliver, overcome, redeem, number, govern, magnify, vouchsafe, have mercy, lighten, trust
Adjectives: everlasting, glorious, goodly, noble, infinite, honorable, precious
Nouns: Majesty, fellowship, Martyrs, heritage
Words with letter «F»:
Forefathers, Flood, feast, fetters, fig, font, framework, funeral, frieze, fresco.

LISTENING + DISCUSSION (Home task for the 12th of April)
The next video sermon is about the forth Sunday of the Great fast (April 10) — the Sunday of St John of the Ladder: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JSaPcZ_xsXM
Father John Vass of the Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Church tells us about the great book about the Christian life. Here are some words and expressions from the video for better understanding:
— St John of the Ladder
— monastic community
— the inner struggle
Thirty steps:
1) On the renunciation of (sinful) life (so called «this world»)
2) Detachment (from sinful pleasures)
3) Exile
4) Obedience
5) Penitence
6) Remembrance of death
— give an account of our life
— mortality
7) Mourning
8) Meekness
9) How to overcome resentment
10) How to overcome slander
11) Silence
12) How to overcome falsehood
13) How to overcome despondency
14) How to overcome gluttony
15) Chastity
16) How to overcome avarice and greed
17) Poverty
18) How to overcome insensibility
19) On sleep, prayer and singing of psalms
20) Alertness
21) How to overcome fears
22) How to overcome vainglory
23) How to overcome pride
24) Meekness and simplicity
25) Humility
26) Discernment
27) Stillness
28) Prayer
29) Dispassion
30) Faith, hope and love

— for us to master, to practice
— it really pertains to all of us
— doesn’t call us to mediocrity
— calls us to holiness, to be perfect
— gives us strength, grace, His Body and Blood
— support of each other
— ascend our ladder
— combat our temptations
— call upon Him
— achieves a reconciliation with God
— mother and daughter of tears
— bridge across temptations
— wellspring of virtues
— enlightenment of the mind
— how much mercy He pours out on us
— food for the soul
— increase our prayers
— not just for monastics, for clergy
— He wants all of us to struggle, to persevere
— come to the understanding of the truth
— be in God’s presence, pursue perfection, climb of ladder of ascend of the virtuous life

USEFUL LINK about the Orthodox Christian Faith (Home reading)
— The Orthodox Christian Faith
— The Holy Mysteries (Sacraments) of the Orthodox Church
— The Divine Services and Hymns of the Orthodox Church
— On Orthodox Christian Prayer
— Feasts of the Orthodox Church
— Mount Athos — The Holy Mountain
— Some Conversion Journeys to Orthodoxy
— Pascha (Easter) in the Orthodox Church
— Christmas in the Orthodox Church
— The Orthodox Church on the internet
— Many other Orthodox resources are available on the internet
— Orthodoxy in action
You are welcome: http://www.orthodoxchristian.info/pages/Orthodox.htm


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