December 7: «Do all religions lead to one God?»

You are welcome at our English-speaking club on December 7! We are going to continue speaking about different heresies and start to compare main ideas of 6 religions: Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and New Age.

At the meeting of November 30 we checked the task on the worksheet about Jesus Christ and started to talk about the principles of relationship with the followers of various heretical teachings, working with the task to fill in the gaps in St. Maximus the Confessor´s saying. Here it is for you to check yourself; the gaps are in the word document:

«I write these things not wishing to cause distress to the heretics or to rejoice in their ill-treatment—God forbid; but, rather, rejoicing and being gladdened at their return. For what is more pleasing to the Faithful than to see the scattered children of God gathered again as one? Neither do I exhort you to place harshness above the love of men. May I not be so mad! I beseech you to do and to carry out good to all men with care and assiduity, becoming all things to all men, as the need of each is shown to you; I want and pray you to be wholly harsh and implacable with the heretics only in regard to cooperating with them or in any way whatever supporting their deranged belief. For I reckon it misanthropy and a departure from Divine love to lend support to error, that those previously seized by it might be even more greatly corrupted».

The task for the next time is to link the names of the heresies to their main ideas in the table and find the Orthodox answers to these teachings for the coming discussion.
This video can give you more profound explanation of this topic: «Ancient Heresies and Their Influence Today – Dr Eve Tibbs» –

When? – On Wednesday, from 8.00 pm till 9.30 pm (20.00-21.30)
Where? – At the missionary center «Atrium» on Romenskaya 12, the parish house of the Church of Saint Peter, the Metropolitan of Moscow, underground station «Ligovsky prospect».
Contacts: 8950-000-27-46 (Tanya),

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