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December 7: «Do all religions lead to one God?»

You are welcome at our English-speaking club on December 7! We are going to continue speaking about different heresies and start to compare main ideas of 6 religions: Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and New Age. At the meeting of November 30 we checked the task on the worksheet about Jesus Christ and started to


Missionary English in Atrium… You are welcome!

Here in the missionary center “Atrium” you can find amazing meetings of an English-speaking club. We come together every Wednesday and talk about the Orthodox faith in English. Our previous meeting took place at the 9th of November and was connected with the Orthodox teaching about the life after death. 1) We restored the text


Альфа и Омега Евангельских историй

Говорят, что слово «символ», произошло от греческого глагола «соединяю». Два человека разлучаясь, разламывали палку и брали по одному концу от неё — этот конец назывался «символом». Через много лет встречаясь, они или их наследники могли соединить эти «символы» в одну палку и удостовериться друг в друге. Символы не всегда просто понять. Бывает, их значение со

Whom do we call saints?  Our English-speaking club welcomes you!

Whom do we call saints? Our English-speaking club welcomes you!

Let me share with you some news about our previous meeting! October 26 1) LIFEWe were talking and reading about the history of early Church and mentioned the holy apostle John the Theologian with his disciples and faithful successors: St Ignatius the Bishop of Antioch, called the God-bearer and St Polycarp of Smyrna BASIC

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